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Good News: Cool kid sinks 4 straight baskets for $10,000 prize

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The odds of success in a half-time challenge at a sporting event are a bit like those of winning the lottery. It's great if it happens, but you don't hit the jackpot very often.

For an amateur player, the challenge often looks impossible.

So when seventh-grade basketball player JJ Franks stepped on the court at Bishop Ryan Catholic School in Minot, North Dakota, charged with sinking a lay-up, a free throw, a three-point shot, and a half-court shot within 25 seconds, it's a safe bet that no one in the crowd thought the $10,000 prize for doing so would be his.

But JJ had ice in his veins.

Watch the video to see a seventh grader put on a show Steph Curry would be proud of.

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